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How redundant does the word renderer sound?
numbers don't lie
The past 7 months since my separation have been wonderful. I've build some very great friendships and have become much more in-tune with myself as a person. I've realized how to have fun, to be care-free, to laugh at myself through both embarrassment and clowning, to understand other people, and to thrive in social settings.

Mostly I value my freedom. It sounds bad but being in a relationship is very limiting. When it happens again... actually, IF it happens again it's going to have to be with someone who values freedom as much as me. Someone whom I can trust and trust me.

I've been pretty busy this past week and will continue to be busy. Ben would like me to hang out with him tonight since he's off tomorrow. He's always fun to be around. Tomorrow is bowling with Nate after work and then karaoke in the evening. I'm excited since it's been quite some time since I've bowled or karaoke'd. I hope I can still throw the bowling ball. I'm gonna set my goal for 150,180,200 for each game. Friday is my bro's Bday. I've worked with my parents and his girlfriend to plan everything. We're going to go out to dinner. The parents will then take my nephew and the three of us will head to Go Bananas for the comedy show at 10:30. It should be a great evening. Saturday night a friend is having a poker tourney, again something I haven't done in a while. That should be a great night as well and I'm sure I'll have a great shot at taking home the prize.


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